Category of fund:

Islamic Malaysia Equity

Type of fund:

Income and Growth

Investment Objectives

This Fund seeks to provide a diversified domestic Shariah-compliant investment portfolio with a medium to long term investment horizon, which historically offered solid performance and is generally less volatile when compared to the broader equity market.


“medium to long-term” in this context refers to 3 years or more. Any material change to the investment objective of the Fund would require Unit Holders’ approvals..

  • Minimum of 70% – 98% of the Fund’s NAV in Shariah-compliant equities listed on BURSA Malaysia; and
  • Minimum of 2% – 30% of the Fund’s NAV in cash and cash equivalent.


To help achieve the Fund’s objective, in the event of a volatile market or any adverse condition that could affect the Fund, the Manager may take a temporary defensive position in attempting to respond to those conditions and preserve the long term investment returns of the Fund.

This defensive position may take the form of a temporary reduction in the exposure to the investments affected by the adverse conditions and the replacement thereof with investments which the Manager may consider to preserve the value of the Fund although not necessarily meeting entirely the asset allocation of the Fund for a temporary period. Such defensive position may include increasing the exposure in liquid assets/cash and/or cash equivalent assets to more than 30% of the Fund’s NAV.

  • Specific Security Risk
  • Credit/Default Risk
  • Dividend Risk
  • Reclassification of Shariah Status Risk
18 March 2011

To achieve the Fund’s objective, the Fund will invest in Shariah-compliant portfolio of equities and equity-related securities and potential capital growth over the medium to long term.

The Fund’s main focus is on income and to a lesser extent, capital growth.

Moderate to high

The Fund will be measured against an absolute return benchmark of 6% per annum. This is not a guaranteed return and it is only a measurement of the Fund’s performance. The Fund may or may not achieve the aforesaid 6% per annum growth rate in any particular financial year but targets to achieve this growth rate through long term.

The Manager will declare annual distributions (subject to the availability of income).

The Manager will declare annual distributions (subject to the availability of income).

31 October

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