Category of fund:

Islamic Malaysia Balanced

Type of fund:

Income and Growth

Investment Objectives

The fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation of the units by investing in a diversified portfolio of equities, sukuk and money market instruments. Accordingly, all investment income (if any) shall be reinvested for long-term capital growth rather than distributed annually.


Any material change to the investment objective of the Fund would require Unit Holders’ approvals. require Unit Holders’ approvals.

  • Equity: 30% to 80%
  • Sukuk: 0% to 40%
  • Money Market instrument: 0% to 50%
  • Collective Investment Scheme: 0% to 30%
  • Structured Product: 0% to 20%.

The Manager may, in response to adverse market, economic, political and any other conditions, adopt a temporary defensive strategy by maintaining higher liquid asset/cash portions. When this happens, the asset allocation of the Fund will be altered accordingly.

  • Specific Security Risk
  • Credit/Default Risk
  • Profit Rate Risk
  • Reclassification of Shariah Status Risk
  • Structured Product Risk
  • Counterparty Risk
  • Collective Investment Scheme Risk
27 December 2001

To meet the objective, equity investment will represent up to 80% of the Fund’s NAV. The main focus of the Fund would be the accumulation of stocks relating to companies which may potentially be able to achieve earnings growth in the medium to long-term. The Fund may invest in Sukuk and Shariah-compliant money market instruments (collectively up to 70% of NAV). The Manager may also invest in Collective Investment Schemes and Shariah-compliant Structured Products to further enhance the Fund’s potential returns.

Moderate to high

70:30 ratio of the “FBM Emas Shariah Index” and 12-month GIA of Bank Islam.

Suitable for investors who:

  • Seek moderate to high capital appreciation
  • Have medium to long-term horizon

Distribution of income* (if any) is incidental. *Note: The distribution of income will automatically be reinvested. Hence, Unit Holders will receive additional Units from the reinvestment of income distribution.

31 August

SCBMB Trustee Berhad

BIMB Investment Management Berhad

BIMB Investment Management Berhad (276246-X)
Level 19, Menara Bank Islam,
No. 22 Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur