Category of fund:

Islamic Malaysia Balanced

Type of fund:

Income and Growth

Investment Objectives

The Fund seeks to provide Medium to Long Term return through capital appreciation and income distribution. Note : * Income distribution will be in the form of cash or additional Units. ** The Fund is not a capital guaranteed fund or a capital protected fund.

The Fund may invest in a maximum of 70% in Collective Investment Scheme(s) and minimum of 30% in Bank Islam’s investment accounts, Islamic deposits and money market instruments

  • Collective Investment Scheme (“CIS”) Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
  • Country Risk
  • Currency Risk
  • Related Party Transaction Risk
  • Credit/Default Risk
  • Profit Rate Risk
17 Nov 2020

The Fund will be investing a maximum of 70% of the Fund’s NAV in Collective Investment Scheme(s)* managed by the Manager and a minimum of 30% of the Fund’s NAV will be placed in Bank Islam’s investment account, Islamic deposits and money market instruments. *Restricted to BIMB-Arabesque fund(s) which is/are structured as feeder fund and/or Collective Investment Scheme(s)* that is/ are managed by the Manager and advised by Arabesque only.

Medium to High

Average return of 5% p.a. over a period of 5 years. Note: The Fund will be measured against an absolute return benchmark of 5% per annum over a period of 5 years. This is not a guaranteed return and it is only a measurement of the Fund’s performance. The Fund may or may not achieve 5% per annum growth rate in any particular financial year but targets to achieve this growth rate through a 5 years period.

The Fund is suitable for Sophisticated Investors who are: • seeking potential regular income higher than Islamic deposits account; and • able to tolerate medium to high risk.

Subject to availability of income, the Fund will distribute income on a yearly basis.

31st May



BIMB Investment Management Berhad [199301021508 (276246-X)]
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