13 Sep 2023

BiGDF1 Income Distribution FY2024

Dear Valued Unit Holders, We are pleased to announce that the BIMB-ARABESQUE i Global Dividend Fund 1 (BiGDF1) has declared an income distribution for the financial year ended 31 March 2024 as follows: We would like to express our gratitude to our unit holders for their unwavering support and trust in our BiGDF1. Their confidence has consistently translated into a consistent performance, resulting in income distributions of 2.90 sen/cent per unit for the RM Class and USD Class, 2.80 sen/cent…

28 Aug 2023

Azdini Nor Azman named CEO of Bank Islam’s fund management arm

By S. Joan Santani – August 27, 2023 @ 3:34pm   Source: New Straits Times KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd has appointed Azdini Nor Azman as the chief executive officer (CEO) and non-independent executive director of wholly owned subsidiary BIMB Investment Management Bhd effective August 1, 2023. Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd has appointed Azdini Nor Azman as the chief executive officer (CEO) and non-independent executive director of wholly owned subsidiary, BIMB Investment Management Bhd, effective August 1, 2023. Azdini, who joined BIMB Investment…

5 Apr 2023

BiGDF1 Income Distribution FY2023

Dear Valued Unit Holders, We wish to draw your attention to the Inland Revenue Board’s directive, effective 1 July 2022, on Tax Treatment concerning Income Received from Abroad (Amendment) stating that any income distribution derived from foreign funds, also known as “Foreign-Source Income” (FSI), for all unit trusts invested outside Malaysia, will be subjected to FSI Tax at the prevailing rate of 24%. This directive affects fund prices, including the BIMB-ARABESQUE i Global Dividend Fund 1 (BiGDF1). Coupled with the…

25 Nov 2022

Advancing prosperity for all

By CALYN YAP, The Star Mohd Muazzam (left), representing the bank’s social responsibility arm AMAL, with Sedulur founder Abdul Rahman Nikman to mark the collaboration of the two parties to execute five initiatives to empower the community at Mabul Island, Semporna, Sabah. Bank Islam’s ESG risk management framework to protect the well-being of people and the planet AS part of Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd’s (Bank Islam) broader aspirations to be the leading Islamic financier in Malaysia, the bank has further demonstrated…

25 Jul 2022

Bagaimana sumbangan pelaburan kecil ESG mampu menyelamatkan alam sekitar?

Di mana kita melaburkan wang kita adalah salah satu cara paling langsung dan mudah kita dapat menyumbang kepada perubahan positif berasaskan nilai kepada alam sekitar. Dari segi pelaburan, pulangan kewangan dan pertimbangan sosial tidak selalu berjalan seiring. Kebanyakan syarikat-syarikat mengutamakan keuntungan tanpa mengambil kira kesan terhadap alam sekitar. Tambahan lagi, kira-kira 1.8 bilion umat Islam di seluruh dunia mewakili satu per empat orang di bumi ini. Namun, walaupun jumlahnya yang tinggi, umat ​​Islam tidak mendapat perhatian oleh industri pengurusan aset,…

25 Jul 2022

5 Budgeting Tips For COVID-19

With companies closing their doors comes a spike in the unemployment rate. Many Malaysians live paycheck to paycheck, and this was before the pandemic hit. The rise of COVID-19 means that people who have little in the way of savings feel an extra pinch in their finances. As financial uncertainty and unemployment rates persist, more Malaysians will suffer thestrain in their finances. The government tried to help with an economic stimulus package designed to give cash to citizens.However, this obviously…

13 Apr 2022

Perpetual bonds: The good and the bad

WHILE perpetual bonds are hybrid in nature, sharing both the characteristics of bonds and equities, more often than not, they are classified as a type of equity rather than debt on the balance sheet of issuers. As there is no contractual obligation from the issuer to redeem the instrument as there is no maturity date, the holders or investors of perpetual bonds, or sukuk, are usually long-term investors such as insurance companies or institutions. Back in 2013, property developer Paramount…

14 Mar 2022

PN17’s Regularisation Strategy May Vary

by NUR HANANI AZMAN / pic by TMR FILE DEPENDING on the Suspended Criteria triggered by the companies that slip into Practice Note 17 (PN17) status, the regularisation strategy needed to remedy the situation will need to be unique from each. BIMB Investment Management Bhd’s equity analyst Izhar Mosliman said Ireka Corp Bhd, which was condemned to PN17 status after its auditors highlighted a material uncertainty related to it being a going concern due to its shareholders’ equity being below the…

3 Sep 2021

BIMB Investment’s BEST Invest App Wins “Best Fintech Robo Mobile Application” at The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2021  

Kuala Lumpur, 3 September 2021 – BIMB Investment Management Berhad (BIMB Investment) won Best Fintech Robo Mobile Application at The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2021 through BEST Invest. BEST Invest is BIMB Investment’s first Shariah-ESG Robo-Intelligence unit trust mobile application. The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards are the industry’s most prestigious awards in what has become one of the fastest-growing and most promising niches of global finance. The award recognises the best Islamic banks and financial houses, adopting…

17 Aug 2021

Dear unit holders, We hope everyone is staying safe during this challenging times. As everybody knows, Tan Sri Mahiaddin bin Md Yasin (TSMY) had resigned from his position as the Prime Minister (PM), and now is the caretaker PM. As a caretaker PM, TSMY may not have the power to formulate any new policy, but may continue to be able to oversee the development and running of the existing policy. The reaction of the local equity market seems muted, signalling…


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