KUALA LUMPUR, 15​th April 2020​: BIMB Investment Management Berhad (“BIMB Investment”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, today announced the launch of BEST Invest online investment mobile application (BEST Invest app), its first Robo-Intelligence Sustainable Shariah-ESG investing online platform.

The BEST Invest app provides convenience and efficiency for individuals to build wealth. BEST Invest app offers a systematic, transparent and structured construction and building of wealth for individuals through investing in robo-intelligence and big data technology platform.

“As the world rapidly shifts towards digital and the digitalization of services, the funds and wealth management space are also evolving. Digital fund and wealth management will efficiently build and manage investments and wealth portfolio across asset classes, geographies and economies. Robo-intelligence and big data technology will be integral in the next generation of funds and wealth management to drive consistent and reliable performance and risk management. The BEST Invest app is BIMB Investment’s commitment to bringing digital funds management for the benefit of all walks of life. The thought process behind the app is that investing should be convenient, transparent and cost-efficient,” said BIMB Investment Chairman, Mohamed Ridza bin Mohamed Abdulla.

BEST Invest offers a suite of BIMB Investment’s Shariah-ESG unit trust funds across asset classes that includes global equities, Asia Pacific equities, Malaysia equities, Sukuk and money market. Based on investors’ financial goals and risk tolerance, BEST Invest assists investors digitally to construct an optimal investment portfolio driven by data and analytics.

“BEST Invest, also focuses on Shariah-ESG and sustainability investing. The underlying funds in BEST Invest app are shariah-ESG compliant. We are an UNPRI signatory and have been focusing on ESG investing since 2015. We are currently managing more than RM1 billion of ESG investment assets. Our Global Shariah-ESG Equity fund is currently the best performing three years investment returns and also the largest global shariah equity fund in Malaysia. We plan to have more Shariah-ESG funds in the BEST Invest app. BEST Invest app offers a systematic investment process for investors to invest globally across asset classes and build a resilient wealth portfolio based on data and analytics. We believe BEST Invest is the world’s first Robo-Intelligence Sustainable Shariah-ESG investing online platform”, said BIMB Investment Chief Executive Officer, Najmuddin Mohd Lutfi.

The BEST Invest app offers an investor the opportunity to start investing either by selecting the ‘’Do it for Me’’ or the “Do it Myself” functions in the app. To illustrate, “Do it for Me” function enables the Robo-Intelligence system to identify and select the best investment methods, suitable funds and the investment amount based on the investor’s risk profile. Investors would not have to worry about their investments as they can focus on achieving their investment goals. Alternatively, the ‘’Do it Myself’’ function enables investors to make their own decisions and self invest without the assistance of the Robo-Intelligence system for a more customised experience. Investors can start investing and building their investment goals with the BEST Invest app with a minimum of RM10 with zero sales charge. Investors can also invest and/or withdraw their investments anytime and anywhere.

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, global stock markets have gone through a downturn and offering attractive values. Najmuddin continues, “periods of volatility can be a good time to invest but it’s also important to gauge your risk tolerance. Ultimately one should make sure that they have three to six months income saved for a rainy day because any money you invest in the market should be locked away for medium to long-term investment goals. Using the BEST app, investors are able to invest gradually across regional and global markets.”

BIMB Investment has won Malaysia’s Best Islamic Asset & Fund Manager for three consecutive years since 2017 and Best Risk-Adjusted Returns for ESG Principle Investments Fund Manager at the Alpha Southeast Asia Best Islamic Finance Awards 2019. The company has also been awarded as the Best ESG Asset Manager of the year 2019 by The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2019, an award in recognition of its significant contributions and achievements in ESG, sustainability and asset management in Asia.

BIMB Investment is the first bank-backed Islamic Asset Manager in the region to be a signatory of United Nations-Supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

To download the BEST Invest app, please visit Apple AppStore or GooglePlay Store or visit www.bimbinvestment.com.my


You are advised to read and understand the fund’s product highlight sheet (PHS) and prospectus, including supplementals if any, prior to investing. If in doubt, you are advised to seek professional advice prior to committing to any online transactions.
About BIMB Investment Management Berhad
BIMB Investment Management Berhad (“BIMB Investment”) a UNPRI Signatory, is the leading Shariah-ESG investment management company, providing comprehensive Shariah-ESG investment solutions across multiple asset classes to both individual and corporate investors in Malaysia and the region. A wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad and a member of the Tabung Haji Group of Companies, BIMB Investment is a licensed Islamic fund management company registered with Securities Commission Malaysia headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with more than 25 years of experience in the fund management. Toll free number: 1-800-88-1196 Website:​ ​www.bimbinvestment.com.my